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Warning!!! Etutu to be carried out at oluwo keesin, Funaab today.

Students Arena. 
Funaab News.

A lot of Funaab students living at oluwo keesin, (Funaab)  do not know there is even a town crier for them, not until  Monday 5th when a town crier came out calling for the attention of everybody around, warning everybody not to stay late on Saturday 10, Dec.
His reason was that there would a powerful Etutu, believed to be  manipulated by the Ogboni.  The town crier gave the same announcement on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Don't stay out late today.. Pls
Share with friends staying around that area and pass the message on.
Yoruba rituals (etutu)  are propitiatory performances for the dieties, ancestors, spirits and human beings.

Should such be done in student environment?
What do you think?

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