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Photos: Yani Williams, Woman with 26 inches long fingernails

Retired beauty salon owner, Yani Williams, is finding a special way to be mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yani Williams is from the US and she is about to break a record due to her 26 inch long fingernails. She had reportedly been growing these nails for 23 years and according to her, painting them can be a challenge.
Another activity that is difficult,
according to her, is driving. She has also been asked how she uses the toilet.
She said in one interview; “Usually I just tell them like if you go to the restroom in public you don’t sit on the toilets. That’s the way I do at home because my nails are so long."
 She says it takes her about a week to paint them as each fingernail is between 26-26.5 inches long. Since she is interested in holding a world record, she still has a long way to go. The record is currently being held by  Christine Walton whose nails are 19ft and 1inch long.
 The woman with the longest nails
ever (at over 28ft long) is Lee Redmond but she lost them to a car accident in 2009.  When asked what her motivation is, she says, “It’s for my grandchildren more than anything.  So they can have something to look back on and say this is my grammy.”

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