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Appalling..! See country where Albinos are hunted and sold

Tanzania is located in eastern Africa, in the great lakes area, and is one of the poorest countries in the world with population of over 40 millions of people, and its inhabitants have diverse ethnicities, languages, and religions.
Like some other African countries, some Tanzanians frequently practice witchcraft: superstitions play a major role in their lives; from ordinary citizens to politicians and influential businesspeople –most of them believe in magic.
One of these superstitions is related to people with albinism –a genetic disorder characterized by the lack of pigmentation in skin, eyes, and hair.
 Tanzania, there is one albino per every 1400 inhabitants; a number above the world average (one albino per 20000 inhabitants). According to experts, this the high number of people with albinism is due to endogamy.
The hunt of albinos is
a tradition ingrained among the population. Albinos are pointed as immortal spirits, and some people believe they bring luck.4
 According to the researcher Giorgio Brocco: “In Africa, people with albinism have always been stigmatized and considered divine figures.”
The Tanzanian Justice and Peace Commission pointed: “Many believe albinos’ body parts have mystical or magic powers and have the power to make people rich.” The market of albinos.
Boaz has to carry knives with him every time, to protect himself. 
In Tanzania, many people think organs from albinos have magical powers, and those people use the organs to make amulets to bring good luck in business and politics. This situation creates a sinister business involving hunting, mutilation, and murder of human beings.

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