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46-years-old woman died during deliverance, leaving other church members in shock.

46-years-old Pedzai Muyambo died during a deliverance service in church on Sunday, October 30, leaving other congregants in shock, since nobody could say what could have led to her death.

Pedzai Muyambo died during church service The deliverance service which was being held at Prophet Adventure Mutepfa’s Revival Centre Church’s Dangamvura assembly, in Zimbabwe, reportedly had lots of people in attendance.
One church member who spoke anonymously, said it took the members two whole hours to realise that Pedzai was dead: “It is normal in our church to fall down during worship or deliverance service. She fell down and everyone thought it was the Holy Spirit working on her. It was until 5pm when someone alerted the church authorities that Sister Pedzai was still lying motionless on the ground. They tried to deliver her because they thought she was possessed by evil spirits, but all their efforts were in vain. She never moved an inch. That is when she was rushed to hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival. It is a sad thing and we are still shocked."

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