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10 stress signs that are very dangerous to students.

Life can be very stressful and also funny, we might not be able to differentiate between harmless stress and dangerous stress.
If you are experiencing these symptoms below, you might be reaching a dangerous level of stress and you need to be checked out.
1. Your heart
Sometimes, when you are too stressed out, you can experience palpitations (your heart skipping a bit) as your body tries to navigate through the situation.
 2. Lack of focus
Have you found yourself experiencing difficulty in concentration? You might
find that you are unable to keep up with a TV story or a book. This can indicate problematic stress levels.
 3. Restlessness You might find that you are unable to sit still. This means your stress levels need to be addressed.
4. No libido
Losing interest in sex when you once had a high sex drive can be a consequence of extreme stress.
5. Stomach upset
Your stomach and brain have a connection so if your mind is stress, you can find yourself dealing with things like stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea.
 6. Insomnia
Having difficulty sleeping or staying asleep can be a sign of long-term stress.
7. Voice changes
 A lot of stressed-out people experience loss of voice due to irregular breathing patterns.
 8. Short temper
 You are more liable to be irritable and snap easily. This can cause arguments among those close to you.
9. Choking feeling
You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and as if the world is closing in on you, making you feel choked.
10. Common cold
A high level of stress can dampen your immune system making things like common cold and infection more frequent. If you experience all or most of the symptoms above, you might want to look into ways to relieve stress and feel more relaxed.

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