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Zimbabwe Ugliest man Award 2016

Zimbabwe set to crown its Ugliest man very soon.

Despite the difficulties in securing funds to sustain the pageant in the past years, the Ugliest man Zimbabwe will be crowned on November 25.  Hmmm... Ugliest man award? OK oo.. 

The organisers say this year is exceptional because a lot of sponsors have come on board and preliminary contests are ongoing in other regions before the main event.
“Mr Ugly pageant is on. The sponsors are there. We have active sponsors, who have come on board … Harare is big and has a lot of people, hence we are having contests in a number of suburbs,” the founder of the pageant, David Machowa told local newspaper News Day.
The 2015 champion Mison Sere won $500 and the runner up took home $100. Both of them have joined the preliminary contest and hope to win this year.

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