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First Mr and Miss Albino Award - Kenya

Fibrant youths living with albinism participated on Friday in the first Mister and Miss Albinism Award in Nairobi to demystify their condition.
The Albinism Society organised the pageant to celebrate ten years of its existence, and also to show the beauty in people living with albinism and to do away with stigma associated with the medical condition. 

'There are beautiful Albinos who feel good about themselves,' an organiser said. 
'In Africa, people have black skin, when a woman gives birth to an Albino, people say its a curse.. And they avoid you,' a contestant said. 
The contestant catwalked in professional outfits, from fisherman to soldier through to a rugby Player, to show that they too can be part of the country's work force. 
In several countries in southern and Eastern Africa, people with albinism are subjected to numerous attacks. 
'The pageant helped me to trust myself," Michael Ogochi, one of the contestant said. 
"Growing up was hard for me, no body wanted to be with me," he added. 
The first ever Mr and Miss Kenya went to Jairus Jzay and, Loise Lihanda respectively. 
Source: Africanews

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