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Lets do some research and talk on sex education...
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The idea of sex education now receives official blessing from the Department of Education and other authorities, but it seems to make very little impact on the pupils who receive it. Researches using large National samples seem to show  that the effects of sexual education can hardly be detected.
Researches results have shown that friends of the same age are a far more important Source of information about sex than parents or teachers. From about the age of eight, children will start to give each  other misinformation about sex. If sex education is started too late, teachers have to break through a wall of resistance because the boys and girls think they know it all and will not listen.
in several surveys the teenagers complain that they have not leant anything during sex education that they do not already know, yet further questioning in these same surveys reveals large gaps in their knowledge...  Hmmm.. Funny!
Local education authorities and school managers fear that sex education might encourage the pupils to take interest in sex; if it is too explicit, it might  put ideas into their heads.
One difficulty is that sex education courses in schools are outside the ordinary CURRICULUM and do not lead to exam results or Certificates. A few years ago, a speaker at an important conference Suggested pupils should have to pass an exam on sex. Inevitably this led to comments and Jokes in the press and a leading article in the Daily Mail asked indignantly, 'What about the feelings of the poor boy who fails his " O " levels in Sex?' A better question would have been : 'What about the feelings of his girlfriend?' Hmmm...  Very Funny! The fact is that about nine out of ten boys and girls leaving school today would fail an exam about contraceptive methods, and even about how to make love.
as there is no examination board to set a syllabus the Contents of a sex education course is solely at the discretion of the head teacher who may think it is less troublesome to leave it for the parents to deal with controversial parts. In my research, it was found that 67 per cent of the boys and 29 per cent of the girls had never at anytime had advice about sex from their parents. The difficulty for some parents is that they try to conceal from their children that they have any sexual life themselves and so questions about the subject are likely to cause acute embarrassment. While the teachers may leave it to the parents, they in turn think the school's duty is to supply the controversial information.
Ideals picked up from the media correspond to public attitudes which are not always the same as Private behavior.
The school have this unique opportunity to give a straight forward account of the many things that the students needs to know about and which they would only stumble upon desultorily if they were left to find out themselves. But the sad truth is that the schools have failed to grasp this opportunity.
No one leaving school today really knows all he needs to know about sex.

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