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Africa welcomes first solar-powered Airport.

South Africa. 
Here comes Africa's first solar-powered Airport.  

Gorge Airport in South Africa isn't just like every other Airport we know of in this continent. The use of solar to power its facilities is What set it apart. It is located between Capetown and Port Elizabeth and operate from its  2000 solar panels which produces up to 750 Kw a day, surpassing the 450 Kw needed to run the hub.
About $1.2 million was spent in building the solar facilities and the hub has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 1,229 tonnes, the equivalent of 103,934 litres of fuel! Seriously? Also, there are plans to increase the capacity of the power station by an extra 250 Kw. Hmmm... 
“Gone are the days when power failures used to a be a big thing for the airport. We no longer have those, said Brenda Voster, Airport Manager.
Gorge Airport is the second solar powered airport in the world, after Cochin airport in southern India, and handles more than 700,000 passengers Annual. 
More news about Gorge Airport coming soon.. 

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